Holley Ultra HP Carburetors

Holley offers a wide variety of carburetors ranging in various sizes and accessories (mechanical or vacuum secondaries, types of chokes or with no chokes, and colours or finishes) and for different applications (car makes and uses).

Holley has Street models: the Original Classics, the Street Avengers and the new Ultra Street Avengers, Truck Avenger, Off-Road Truck Avenger, Double Pumpers, the New Ultra Double Pumper and Street HP. Then there are the Supercharger carburetors and those designed for race applications: the HP Series (2-Barrel Competition, 4-Barrel), the Competition Series, the Ultra HP, the Dominators, the new Ultra Dominators. They even build and offer carburetors for marine applications. The latest additions to their family of carburetors are their NEW BLACK Aluminum Ultra HP Carburetors for race applications.

Holley Ultra 4150 HP carburetors are available in :

  • BLACK ALUMINUM – NEW Hard Core Gray hard coat anodized with “Black” billet – the first ever hard coat anodizing on fuel bowls and mainbody – it actually penetrates the aluminum for superior corrosion protection.
  • Tumble polished with Red or Black billet
  • 600, 650, 750, 850, & True 950 CFM
  • Has an -8AN (O-ringed) inlet thread with a standard -8AN o-ring to -6AN male adapter and -8AN plug  for a large variety of plumbing options. Can be plumbed from either side.

Black Aluminum Ultra HP  Carbs- Hard Core Gray™ with Black Billet:

P/N 0-80801HB (600CFM)
P/N 0-80802HB (650CFM)
P/N 0-80803HB (750CFM)
P/N 0-80804HB (850CFM)
P/N 0-80805HB (950CFM)

Shiny Aluminum Ultra HP Carbs:

With Black Billet:                                           With Red Billet:
P/N 0-80801BK (600CFM)                             P/N 0-80801RD (600CFM)
P/N 0-80802BK (650CFM)                             P/N 0-80802RD (650CFM)
P/N 0-80803BK (750CFM)                             P/N 0-80803RD (750CFM)
P/N 0-80804BK (850CFM)                             P/N 0-80804RD (850CFM)
P/N 0-80805BK (950CFM)                             P/N 0-80805RD (950CFM)

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