COMP Cams Ultra-Gold Aluminum Roller Rockers

Aluminum rocker technology has evolved!

COMP Cams has been a major proponent of steel rockers arms for many years, however with recent developments in the design and manufacturing of aluminum rocker arms, it is now possible to offer a premium aluminum rocker alternative.

COMP Cams Ultra-Gold aluminum stud-mount, roller rockers provide a new level of strength, quality and value.

Designed specifically for high performance street and race engines, the COMP Cams Ultra- Gold Aluminum Rocker Arms are precision CNC-machined to strict tolerances. Developed to meet the demands of professional engine builders, they are designed to fit an assortment of rocker stud diameters and are available in a variety of rocker ratios for Small and Big Block Chevrolet and Small Block Ford applications.

Best of all, they are built to withstand extremely aggressive spring pressures and valve springs with as much as a 1.650-inch O.D., a feature not possible with any other rocker arm.

One other additional benefit is the lifetime warranty that comes with the purchase of a set of these rockers – buy them once, use them for a lifetime.

Following are some part numbers and their applications. All “-16” are sold in sets of 16 rockers.

SBC:                                                                      BBC:
P/N 19001-16 (3/8″ stud, 1.5 ratio)               P/N 19021-16 (BBC, 7/16″ stud, 1.7 ratio)
P/N 19002-16 (3/8″ stud, 1.6 ratio)
P/N 19004-16 ( 7/16″ stud, 1.5 ratio0

SB Ford:
P/N 19043-16 (3/8″ stud, 1.6 ratio)
P/N 19044-16 (7/16″ stud, 1.6 ratio)
P/N 19049-16 (7/16″ stud, 1.72 ratio)

P/N 19060-16 (7/16″ stud, 1.5 ratio)


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