Royal Purple High Performance Marine (HPM) Oils



 Specifically formulated to maximize performance and provide superior
protection for four-stroke marine engines.

Royal Purple advanced, proprietary Synerlec® technology enables HPM to exceed the harsh demands of the marine applications.

Available in the following viscosities: Multi -Vis 30 and Multi -Vis 40

These  engine oils:

  • Provide exceptional anti-wear protection with a load-carrying capacity multiple times that of ordinary mineral or synthetic marine lubricants
  • Delivers cooler operating temperatures, increases engine efficiency and maximizes horsepower and torque.
  • Improved sealing between the piston ring and cylinder wall for optimized fuel economy and maximum horsepower and torque
  • Exceptional oxidation stability extends oil life and allows for more hours between oil changes saving you time, money and reducing the impact on the environment
  • Advanced synthetic solvency reduces engine deposits and keeps engines clean.
  • Superior corrosion protection

Take a look at the following photos:

P/N 11582 (10W30 4-stroke, 1 quart)

P/N 11629 (10W40, 4-stroke, 1 quart)



Formulated to maximize performance and provide Synthetic Defense for marine lower gear units.

HPM Gear Lube uses Royal Purple’s advanced, proprietary
Synerlec® additive technology for maximum water separation
and protection from corrosion.

  • Exceptionally high film strength (cushioning molecules absorb gear impact)  for dramatic reductions in gear wear and reduced heat to extend the life of your lower unit
  • Significantly reduces friction, which lowers gear unit temperatures, extends equipment life and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Provides maximum water separation and prevents corrosion

Recommended for equipment requiring an API Service GL-5 or GL-4 fluid.

P/N 11687 (80W90, 1 quart)

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