PRW High Flow Electric Racing Water Pumps

Designed for racing and performance.

PRW builds quality into every component for lasting durability regardless of use at the track or on the street.

  • Lightweight
  • Superior black finish
  • Suitable for street or strip
  • Additional inlet fitting sizes available
  • Free flow rated at 35 gallons per minute
  • Under normal use the pumps will draw 6-7 amps
  •  2500-3000 hours of life expectancy dependent upon use
  • Pump will clear most timing belt drives and most blower drives, spacers may be required to clear belt drive distributor systems
  • Ford pumps available without the backplate

These water pumps were designed to alleviate the power drag produced by conventional pulley drive units. They are heavy-duty electric motors, turning at approximately 1,500 rpm –  more than adequate to fulfill cooling needs without draining horsepower from the engine.

The housing is specially machined to maximize flow and attaches to the elbow mounting flanges with “O” ring gaskets for a perfect seal. The lightweight aluminum assembly is open flow-rated at 35+ gallons per minute and weighs less than 7 lbs. Inlet hose sizes are readily available in various diameters and lengths to easily adapt to most applications. The units can be wired to operate manually even with the engine off.

These kits come complete with gaskets, billet aluminum inlet fitting, mounting hardware, pigtail connectors, timing cover block-off plate (Ford applications) and PRW Threadlocker. P/N 4494495 is not a kit.

P/N 4435007 (SBC 265-400)

P/N 4445407 (BBC 396-454)

P/N 4430207 (SB Ford 302-351W)
P/N 4430217 (SB Ford 302-351W, incl. aluminum backplate)

P/N 4435107 (SB Ford 351C)
P/N 4435117 (Ford 351C, incl. aluminum backplate)

P/N 4446007 (BB Ford 400-460)
P/N 4446017 (BB Ford 400-460, incl. aluminum backplate)

P/N 4494495 (Universal, water pump motor & housing assembly)

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