Eibach Pro-Alignment Kits

Precision alignment kits for MAXIMUM Performance!

  • The Perfect Solution to Correct Excessive Negative Camber and Prevent Uneven Tire Wear
  • Wider Range of Camber Adjustment Suitable for Street or Track Tuning
  • Compatible with All Sport-Lowered Suspensions
  • Two-Year Warranty

Check your vehicle’s alignment after an installation of either an Eibach PRO-KIT, SPORTLINE spring kit, PRO-STREET or MULTI-PRO coil-over kit. Once a vehicle is lowered, wheel camber may become excessively negative, meaning the top of the tire is angled inward (toward the center of the vehicle). While some negative camber aids in improving traction and road adhesion, too much can result in compromised handling and accelerated tire wear.

Eibach offers a complete range of PRO-ALIGNMENT kits, which:

  • Provide a simple, affordable solution to correct excessive negative camber.
  • Assist in adjusting a vehicle’s camber back to factory specifications.
  • Allow an experienced chassis tuner to utilize the increased adjustment range to “dial-in” a performance-oriented alignment that uses negative camber to maximize a chassis’ true potential.

Turn-in becomes more precise and handling becomes gratifyingly crisp and predictable with correct alignment and highspeed stability is also enhanced, making an Eibach Pro-Alignment kit a necessity for the serious performance tuner.

Eibach has many different kinds of Pro-Alignment kits, each one application specific. ie Eibach Performance Control Arms are one style of their Pro Alignment kits. The control arms are designed to allow wider wheel and tire combinations and solve tire-rubbing problems when teamed up with their front and rear Pro-Alignment camber kits and toe adjusters.

Following are some Pro-Alignment kits available from Eibach.

P/N 5.66030K (Chrysler, Dodge, front wheel alignment – control arm style, +/- 2.00 degrees)*



P/N 5.67030K (Acura®/Honda®, rear wheel alignment w/adjustable bushing – control arm style, +2.00 / – 5.00 degrees)*


P/N 5.67230K (Acura®/Honda®, rear wheel alignment w/adjustable upper control arm,  +6.00 / -4.00 degrees)*


P/N 5.67420K (Ford, Mazda, rear wheel alignment w/adjustable control arm, -1.50 to + 5.00 degrees)*



P/N 5.72045K (Ford, Mustang, rear alignment camber/adjustable panhard bar)*





P/N 5.72050k (Infiniti, Nissan, G35, 350Z, rear wheel alignment – adjustable control arm, +/- 4.00 degrees)*



P/N 5.81250K (Various makes: Passenger Car, SUV, Van,  wheel alignment)*


* Please refer to Eibach catalogue to ensure that this kit is for your application.

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