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Carburetor Adapter Kit

Save yourself the hassle of purchasing a new, costly intake manifold by simply adapting your existing carburetor to fit your engine.

These Mr. Gasket carburetor adapter kits install quickly and easily.

These high-performance carburetor adapter kits from Mr. Gasket install quickly and easily, and include all of the gaskets, studs, nuts, and washers you’ll need to complete the job.

Adapters are made of die cast aluminum.

P/N 1932 (Square bore to spread bore)


Ultra-Seal Exhaust Gaskets

Gray Ultra-Seal material takes gasket material to the next level.

These premium exhaust gaskets from Mr. Gasket are designed and constructed to improve the sealing of exhaust header flanges. Unlike standard exhaust gasket material, Ultra-Seal exhaust gaskets incorporate a graphite-impregnated facing and a steel-expanded metal core that reinforce and increase the tensile strength. This allows the gaskets to conform to warped flanges, giving them better sealing capabilities without deteriorating or cracking under the excessive heat and pressure that is common in the exhaust system.

  • Manufactured from high temperature steel core / graphite faced exhaust material.
  • Expanded steel core provides stability and maximum torque retention to eliminate gasket failure
  • Graphite facing provides excellent heat resistance to exhaust flanges and thermal conductivity to transfer heat away from cylinder head
  • Conforms to and seals minor surface irregularities
  • Can be trimmed if necessary for modified ports
  • For OE replacement, high performance street, drag race and oval track

P/N 5902 (SBC)


Fuel Line Kit – 3/8″ x 9-5/16″ – Chrome

The chrome plating of these Mr. Gasket gas lines dresses up your engine bay, along with providing an excellent trail for your fuel to travel along.  This fuel line kit has a hex design with chrome plated copper tubing, brass fittings and silver brazed connections. The hex fittings provide ample space for tightening to ensure a quick installation.  Fits Dual-inlet Holley ® 4-bbl  3/8″ tube, 9-5/16″ centers.

P/N 1552

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