Comp Cams – The Absolute Leader in Valve Train Technology

For 30 years, The Comp Cams philosophy has never changed: make the highest performing products possible, provide customers with great service and lead the industry in technological development.

The Comp Cams family has grown to multiple companies, but their vision is the same.  It’s this competitive spirit that has positioned Comp Cams as the leading company in its field. They use  some of the most sophisticated manufacturing processes and test equipment in the world to ensure that they are at the pinnacle of engineering performance.

Choosing the right camshaft and valve train products isn’t like buying a new t-shirt, or even motor oil. Camshafts, lifters, pushrods, rockers springs – everything in the valve train system is part of a complex science of mechanical engineering.  There are hundreds of different engines and applications. Comp Cams has  the enormous inventory of precision engineered components  and expert staff with the knowledge and experience required to provide horsepower solution. Whether you’re looking for horsepower, reliability or gas mileage, Comp Cams has the best specifically engineered component for your application.

You can check out what new at Comp Cams at their website:

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