MSD Atomic EFI Throttle Body

The Atomic EFI is a self-tuning fuel system that continuously adjusts after the basic configuration is complete.

Atomic EFI Individual Parts:

The Throttle Body:
The Atomic EFI throttle body is actually so much more than a throttle body! The compact design is similar in size to a carburetor, yet contains an Electronic Control Unit, four injectors, the Idle Air Control solenoid, TPS, MAP, Intake Air Temperature (IAT) and more. It fits a standard square bore intake manifold flange. If your intake manifold does not currently match this description, adapters and/or intakes are available for most popular engines.

The Power Module:
Is a remote mounted item for the Atomic that handles all the high current loads. MSD’s CAN-Bus technology allows for a single, clean connection between this unit and the throttle body mounted ECU.

Handheld Controller:
This little device is how you communicate with the Atomic.

Standard Fuel Kit:
Designed to work with your vehicle’s existing sending unit in the gas tank so there is no need to mess with your tank at all.

High Horsepower Fuel Kit:
Has a bigger, more robust fuel pump to deliver all that gas  for the those who more fuel to make big power.

Atomic EFI Features:

  • A self-tuning fuel system that continuously adjusts after the basic configuration is complete. This feature ensures that your engine will have the right fuel mixture at all times, even if you drive from the sunny coast to the cold mountains. There is no laptop programming.
  • Integrated engine ignition timing control to get the best performance.  When using this option, you control total timing and when timing comes in, but the Atomic can make dynamic timing adjustments at low engine speed to help with easier starts and smoother idle. Distributor needs to be locked out and an adjustable rotor and MSD Ignition Control are required.
  • Working as either a return or returnless style fuel system. A returnless fuel system does have limitations depending on the application and other variables and a returnless fuel injection system is NOT meant to be a solution for fuel vapor lock on a carburetor. In fact, a returnless fuel system is just as susceptible to vapor lock as a carburetor. Other items that can affect performance include the fuel octane used, ambient temperatures and pump location. If fuel vapor lock has been an issue on your vehicle in the past then it is recommended to use a return style fuel system. The Atomic EFI can be configured for both fuel systems and to run a return.

Check out all the callouts on the graphic below to see how this throttle body is easier to use.

P/N 2900 (Atomic EFI Master Kit- This is the complete kit for anyone planning to convert from a carburetor to Atomic EFI. You get the Throttle Body, Power Module (with Wide Band O2 sensor), Handheld Controller and Standard Fuel Kit for up to 525hp at the crank.)

P/N 2910 (Atomic EFI Throttle Body Kit – Includes the Throttle Body, Power Module (with Wide Band O2 sensor) and Handheld Controller.)

P/N 2921 (High Horsepower Fuel Kit – a direct replacement for the Standard Fuel Kit – support 620 horsepower at the crank.)

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