Lokar Anchor-Tight Locking Flexible Transmission Dipsticks

NHRA accepted for use in all categories of competition!

Locking mechanism eliminates expulsion of dipstick handle under trans pressure!

Flexible inner dipstick measuring cable, made from 6061-T6 aluminum with Teflon-lined stainless braided outer housing. Available with firewall mount or transmount mounting bracket for most GM, Ford and Chrysler transmissions in brite, black, red or blue anodized, and black stainless steel. Transmission & Firewall Mount styles supplied with transmission storage plug for quick change & storage.

  • Bolted in sealed pan fitting
  • Large filler tube accepts standard transmission funnels
  • No pan fitting leaks during storage
  • No filler tube needed.
  • Spare trans fittings available for quick transmission changes

To find the Anchor-Tight Locking Flexible transmission dipstick  for your application/vehicle,
go to: http://lokar.com/product-pgs/trans-dipsticks/trans-dipstick-images/lock-flex-trans-dipstick/locktrans-ds-chart.jpg



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