Comp Cams Hi-Tech Belt Drive System

Absolute Timing Accuracy For Serious Street
Performance And Racing Applications

Hi-Tech™ Belt Drive Systems from COMP Cams® utilize extreme application belts to handle the demands of high RPM and high compression applications. With an infinitely adjustable Vernier sprocket for absolute timing accuracy, these belt drive systems are perfect for hardcore street performance vehicles and racing applications.

Features & Benefits:


  • Unique belt idler system reduces flap throughout RPM range
  • High performance design absorbs crankshaft harmonics & guards against performance robbing valve train instability
  • Double lip seals for long life & maximum crankcase vacuum
  • Utilizes a unique camshaft thrust adjustment system without shims
  • Perfect for serious street performance & racing applications

P/N 6502 (W/idler, BB crank snout)
P/N 6504 ( Olds Rocket, raised cam)
P/N 6506 (Old Rocket, raised cam, BB crank snout)
P/N 6507 (W/1.250” thick belt for extreme cylinder pressure)
P/N 6500 (SBC, w/idler)

P/N 6300 (.400″ raised cam)

Ford Windsor:
P/N 6535 (SVO, Robert Yates)

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