Auburn Performance Differentials

Limited-Slip Differentials


For 48 years Auburn Gear Inc. has been the leader in performance limited slip differentials and they offers a full line of limited slip differentials. Their unique cone style differential provides more bias torque as compared to any other limited slip brand.

No matter what your application – performance or passenger cars, light duty trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles, off road, or recreational vehicles – the Auburn Gear limited-slip differential is engineered to provide smooth torque-sensing operation with bias ratios to meet your performance needs. All are also compatible with all ABS and electronic controls.

  1. Hi Performance Limited-Slip Differentials – Street, track or muddy trails
  2. Pro Series Limited-Slip Differentials – For higher bias torque than Auburn’s High-Performance models, with lightening-fast reaction to changing conditions for the very best in controlled power transfer.
  3. Ected Max Selectable Locker The only aftermarket locker that delivers on-the-go system engage.  It is a selectable limited slip to a full locking differential with an on/off switch is mounted near the driver so it offers both the traction control of a limited-slip differential and the capability of a truce locker. All other aftermarket differential must be operated in either the “open” differential mode or the “locked” mode.

ECTED Max™ Advantages

    • Gearing  made from aircraft quality, 9310 heat-treated billet steel to make it as tough as nails!
    • Can be switched on or off “on the fly,” at any road speed.
    • Does not have any shift forks or pins that must be lined up to obtain locker mode.
    • Quiet – say good-bye to noisy lockers!
    • Backed by an industry-leading one-year warranty, just like all Auburn Gear Performance Differentials.
    • Backed by the industry-exclusive program. D-REX = Differential – Replacement Exchange Program.
    • Can be used in front axle applications – with or without lockout hubs.
    • The only selectable locker that offers both limited slip and locker modes.

Important Note: The ECTED Max is not recommended for use in front axles that feature an “Inter-Axle Disconnect.” Auburn Gear highly recommends upgrading to a stronger ring and pinions and axles when prior to installing an Ected Max on your vehicle.

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