Proform Street Series Carburetors

These Proform Street series carburetors are perfectly matched for your everyday driver.

Loaded with features!

13 Reasons to buy Proform Street Carburetors over the competition at NO EXTRA COST!

  1. Electric choke on all models!
  2. Die-cast aluminum fuel bowls!
  3. Fuel level sight glass windows!
  4. Changeable idle air bleeds!
  5. Billet metering blocks!
  6. Changeable idle feed restrictors!
  7. Billet base plates!
  8. Serviceable throttle lever!
  9. Easy access secondary idle air flow!
  10. Enhanced look with bright anodizing!
  11. Changeable high speed bleeds!
  12. Notched secondary floats!
  13. Secondary jet extension!

They are hand-assembled using Proform’s high-flow, lightweight aluminum carburetor main body that has been CNC-machined.

The Proform Street series carburetors use billet aluminum metering blocks with four corner idle systems, changeable idle feed restrictors, and non-stick gaskets for easy removal and installation.

Keep your drills in your tool box; fine tuning is accomplished by simply hanging air bleeds not opening calibration restrictions with a drill bit. They use changeable screw-in air and high-speed bleeds and include high performance down-leg boosters. Attached to the main body is Proform’s billet aluminum throttle base plate, which features adjustable power valve blowout protection, a corrosion-resistant anodized finish, button Torx head screws, and easy access to secondary idle airflow adjustment.

The final components of the carburetors are the fuel bowls. They are manufactured from lightweight die-cast aluminum and feature fuel level sight windows, an externally adjustable needle and seat, dual-feed fuel inlets, and a notched secondary float.

Finally, there is a cost-conscious carburetor that’s built for the street. Get one of these Proform Street series carburetors and start performing better today.

Mechanicial Secondary Street Carburetors:

P/N 67212 (650 CFM)

P/N 67213 (750 CFM)

P/N 67214 (850 CFM)

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