MSD Chevy V8 HEI Retainer Distributor Cap

Ensure that you have the finest distributor cap available by using one of these MSD Extra Duty distributor caps.

MSD molds their most popular V8 distributor caps in-house.

They’re designed with performance in mind, are molded from a high-quality, voltage-insulating material, and use low-resistance terminals for maximum conductivity.

These caps are injection molded from DuPont® Rynite material and feature spark plug-style terminals. These terminals offer improved locking connections and the Rynite material is extremely strong with excellent dielectric properties.

This cap includes 10-32 x 1.25 in. hex screws that allow it to be used as a bolt down cap on MSD Pro-Billet and Billet distributors.

P/N 8433

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