AED HO- Modified Carburetors


Designed with street and bracket racers in mind, AED HO-Series carburetors offer crisp throttle response, great drivability, and killer acceleration.

These HO-Series carburetors feature CNC-machined and deburred main body surfaces, high flow boosters and metering blocks, four corner idle, a milled choke housing, dual accelerator pumps and vacuum ports, and non-stick, reusable gaskets.

All AED carburetors are tested and tuned before shipping, employing their state-of-the-art, planet-leading, computerized “wet-flow bench.” They will provide you with properly matched and balanced fuel delivery and a controlled metering signal and strength, no matter what your speed.

HO-Series carburetors are available for aspirated engines, alcohol, blower, and marine applications.


“HO Modifieds” are available in 650, 750, 850, 950 & 1050  versions.

AED HO-Series carburetors unite “off-the-shelf” high performance with an affordable price.





Square Bore, Dual Inlet, Dichromate Finish:

P/N 650HO (650 cfm)

P/N 750HO (750 cfm)

P/N 850HO (850 cfm)




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