Ford MSP-Wires & Clutch Linkage Kits




9mm,  Spiral-Wound, 45 Degree Boots,
Wire Sets

NEW AND IMPROVED – Spark plug wires feature high quality 9mm wire available in 4 colors: blue, black, yellow and red.

Wire-wound custom ignition wire sets feature low resistance for minimum spark loss. Silicone insulation and boots withstand high temperatures and voltage loss for minimum cross-fire and are highly resistant to fuels, oils and solvents.

Long-life, tough stainless steel terminals for post type distributor caps. Includes coil wire for socket-type coil and Ford Racing identification. Cylinder number appears on each wire.

45 Degree boot wires for 5.0/5.8L V-8 Engine:

P/N M-12259-C301 (Blue)

P/N M-12259-M301 (Black)

P/N M-12259-R301 (Red)

Note: Will not not fit distributorless ignition systems (DIS).


V8 Mustang
Clutch Linkage Upgrade Kit

They’ll provide you with years of smooth operation, while also providing softer pedal pressure and longer clutch life.

Features billet aluminum construction and heavy duty clutch cables.

Now you can adjust clutch pedal travel to your driving habits. Includes all parts required to convert stock non-adjustable clutch cable to fully adjustable type.


P/N M-7553-A302 (’79-’93, self-adjusting)
Consists of a beefed-up clutch release fork and heavy-duty self adjusting high lubricity polymer-lined clutch cable.
(1) 1984 and later cars have heavy-duty cable as original equipment.
(2) 1986 and later cars have beefed-up clutch release fork as original equipment.
(3) To install this kit in 1979-1981 vehicles with manual adjustment clutch mechanisms, the 1982 and later self-adjusting quadrant mechanism must be purchased from Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealers.

P/N M-7553-B302 (Cable and Quadrant ’82-’95)

P/N M-7553-D302 (Cable and Quadrant ’96-’04)

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