CVR Starters & Carb Brackets

Protorque Maximum Starters

  • Unique Aluminum Housing helps to eliminate hot start problems.
  • Sealed with Rubber O-Rings and Grommets.
  • Easily Replaceable Plunger and Contacts.
  • Adjustable for Header & Oil Pan clearance (exception P/N 1337)
  • Type of Unit: Nippondenso Gear Reduction


Specifications – P/N 5323 & P/N 5055:
Estimated Horsepower: 3.1 HP
Reduction Ratio: 4.44:1
Weight: 11 Lbs
Pinion Gear: 11 tooth

P/N 5323 (Chevrolet / GM Engines)
5 adjustment positions


P/N 5055 (Ford Engines)
18 adjustment positions 



P/N 1337 (Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth Small & Big Block 6 & 8 Cylinder Engines)
Estimated Horsepower: 1.9 HP
Reduction Ratio: 4:1
Weight: 10 Lbs.
Pinion Gear: 10 tooth


Throttle Linkage Brackets – 4150 Series Carbs

Beautiful billet aluminum throttle linkage brackets.

  • Fully adjustable for various cable lengths
  • Machined for optional throttle return spring bracket
  • Bolts securely to carb base
  • Allows racers to customize their throttle bracket for a higher degree of spring tension
  • Accepts GM Snap in and Morse 33-C Cable

Choose from three bright anodized finishes for 4150 or 4500 Series carburetors. Race with the high performance and looks of billet throttle linkage brackets from CVR.

P/N 64150CL (Clear)
P/N 64150BL  (Blue)
P/N 64150R (Red)

Passing gear cable bracket sold separately.


Throttle Return Spring Brackets – 4150 Series Carbs

CVR Products billet throttle return spring brackets are great complements to your CVR billet throttle linkage!

These brackets are also available in a selection of anodized colors for use with a choice of carburetors.

P/N 64151CL (Clear)
P/N 64151BL  (Blue)
P/N 64151R (Red)

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