GM Alternator & V/C



100 Amp, 100% New Chrome 1-Wire Alternator with Chevy Bowtie Emblem
P/N 141-657

It is now possible to obtain four sought-after and popular features in one alternator!

  • 100% NEW with absolutely no re-built components.
  • Assured quality with generous, over-spec amperage,
  •  a machined pulley, and
  • the popular Chevy Bowtie Emblem in red.

Each unit is supplied with its own individual Quality Assurance graph documenting its operating performance. For a new level of functionality, insist on these 100% new Bowtie alternators.

Chevy® Orange Die-Cast Aluminum Slant-Edge Valve Covers
P/N 141-924

 These innovative valve covers have an aggressive design that will make your engine stand out at the show.

These premium die-cast aluminum valve covers offer more internal clearance than most other valve covers because our innovative mold designs are at the forefront of modern die-casting technology.

All valve covers with baffles include grommets.

Sold in pairs.

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