Ford Racing

Aluminum Valve Covers:
These premium valve covers are “Tall”, and designed to clear roller rockers and polylock nuts. Available in “polished” or “black crinkle”. All valve covers include baffles and grommets. Sold in pairs. Not for use on engines with EFI manifolds.

They have recessed emblems with inlaid black paint. P/N #302-001


Black Crinkle:
They have recessed emblems with inlaid red paint. P/N #302-003




Suggested Addition: – NEW Ford Racing Air Cleaner Kit
The air cleaner is one of the most visible parts on a car’s engine, so now is the time to add a premium Ford RACING, emblem to your ride for the perfect customized look!

These 13″ diameter air cleaners (P/N #302-350 polished & P/N #302-352 black crinkle)  fit 2V and 4V carburetors, and are supplied with a 5-5/8 high Motorcraft® filter element. Both the tops and bases have matching finishes, and each kit is supplied with necessary mounting hardware. Air cleaner kits are supplied with special die-cast Ford Oval center nuts (also offered separately).

After installing a new air cleaner kit, always lower the hood slowly to confirm sufficient clearance visually. Minimum clearance of 4″ is required from the top of the carburetor gasket area to the underside of the hood

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