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A perfect fit for racing, street rods, classic, muscle, exotic, or late model cars and trucks.  Features MIG/TIG welded frames, tanks, mounting bungs, petcock drains, and comes fitted with -20 AN “O” ring fittings to smooth hose adapters.  Eight (8) threaded mounting bungs are welded to the tanks for easy installation or to use with custom accessories.  Top rails and tanks are fully polished for super-clean aesthetics.

#5431926 (Ford/Mopar, 19” x 26”)    #5421927 (GM, 19” x 27”)

#5431928 (Ford/Mopar, 19” x 28”)    #5421928 (GM, 19” x 28”)

#5421925 (GM, 19” x 25”)                 #5421929 (GM, 19” x 29”)

#5421926 (GM, 19” x 26”)                 #5421931 (GM, 19” x 31”)

Also available separately: -20 AN “O” ring fittings to Smooth Hose and AN Union Adapters.  These fittings are sold as “sets”, including a raw aluminum finished “bung” that can be used to retrofit these fittings to your existing aluminum radiator.


Bottom rails have been machined to accommodate most any high performance and racing rocker arm systems without additional “clearancing”.  Now available without ignition coil stand-offs if remote mounting is desired. Valve cover spacers for LS Series engines allow additional height for larger rocker arm setups utilizing OEM valve covers.

Valve Covers:

W/O vent or ignition coil stand-offs: #4034600 (Satin Silver)   #4034601 (Polished)

W/Ignition coil stand-offs: #4034610 (Satin Silver)   #4034611 (Polished)  #4034617 (Black)

Risers:    #4134630 (1/2” Thick)      #4134631 (3/4” Thick)    #4134632 (1” Thick)


To simplify installation of aftermarket breathers, NPT to AN and smooth hose fittings.  Threadlocker and “O” ring gaskets are included to assure a tight seal.

Breather Kits (Aluminum):

#4120427 (Die-cast Polished w/pipe)    #4120428 (Die-cast Polished)

#4120437 (Polished Billet w/pipe)         #4120438 (Polished Billet)

#4120443 (Black Billet  w/pipe)             #4120444 (Black Billet)

Fitting Adapter Kit (Anodized):

#4120470 (Blue)   #4120472 (Red)   #4120473 (Silver)   #4120477 (Black)


Designed as a drop-in system that replaces the OEM standard rocker arm assembly, these specialty rocker arms are investment cast from 17-4ph stainless steel.  Standard OEM oiling is incorporated with the use of silicone bushings.  The surface of each rocker is tumbled to reduce stress risers and the toplines and logos are hand-polished for a professional appearance.  This system will support high performance valve springs that exceed the limit of hydrualic lifters.  The complete kit includes 8 intake and 8 exhaust rocker arms installed on their respective 4135 chromoly shafts, steel hold-downs, grade 12.9 fasteners and other hardware.

  • Stress relieved and hand polished
  • Special surface-finishing to reduce stress riser
  • Requires no additional machining to cylinder heads
  • Engineered for high performance valve train components
  • Steel hold-downs and chromoly shafts for increased stability

#3234513 (Mopar 5.7L/6.1L/6.4L 2005-Present Modular Hemi, 1.6 Ratio)


Designed as a drop-in aftermarket system for the LS Series cylinder heads, these rocker arms are engineered to utilize the OEM rocker pedestals and provide a dramatic improvement over the standard rocker arm.  These rockers are investment cast from 17-4ph stainless steel, feature precision ground bearings, Cr40 roller tips, and premium quality steel alloy socket head machine screws. The surface of each rocker is tumbled to reduce stress risers and features hand-polished toplines.

  • Stress relieved and hand polished
  • Investment cast from 17-4ph stainless steel
  • Special surface-finishing to reduce stress risers
  • Engineered for high performance valve train components
  • Designed as a drop in system utilizing the factory pedestals

#0234631 ( GM LS1/LS2/LS6 5.7L 1997-Present, 1.7 x 8mm)

#0236431 ( GM LS3/L92 6.0L/6.2L 1999-Present, 1.7 x 8mm)


Performance Quotient aluminum rocker arms are made from Series 7000, 2024 aircraft quality aluminum alloy extrusions. Each rocker body is relieved for extra valve spring clearance and anodized for added strength.  CNC machined billet steel pedestals, ground steel alloy rocker shafts, PRW SCM-4135 alloy steel fasteners and needle roller bearings from the finest manufacturers in the world comprise the foundation of these rocker arm systems.

#3334611 ( GM LS1/LS2/LS6 5.7L Gen III, 1.7 Ratio)

#3334612 ( GM LS1/LS2/LS6 5.7L Gen III, 1.8 Ratio)


New for 2011, Performance Quotient Big Block Chevy Shaft Mount Rocker Arm Systems are the ultimate replacements for inadequate stud rocker assemblies on OEM and  aftermarket cylinder heads.  These 2024 aluminum bodied shaft rockers are able to easily handle today’s aggressive springs and cam profiles.  They are designed to withstand open spring pressures of up to 900 lbs., while maintaining precise valve lash settings.

  • Designed for use with high-lift roller cams
  • Machined for larger valve springs & retainers
  • Full complement needle & cage roller bearings
  • Internal oiling system for long-lasting performance
  • Anodized for superior finish & reduced operating temp
  • Chromoly adjusters, 12pt lock nuts, Cr40 alloy steel rollers
  • 2024 Billet Aluminum Rocker Arms and Chromoly Steel Shafts
  • Alloy steel Torx head fasteners and steel pedestal rocker stands
  • Complete with shims, spacers, hardware & specialty install tools

#3345431 (Chevy 396-454, Chevy Big Block 24°, Brodix-2, GM OEM, 1.7 Ratio)

Chevy Aluminum Rocker Arms for AFR Offset 227/235 Aftermarket Cylinder Heads

These aluminum stud mount rockers are specially engineered for the Chevy AFR 227 & 235 aftermarket cylinder heads.  Each rocker is machined to allow for larger springs and retainers with full-cage friction reducing needle bearings.

  • .250” offset pushrod cup
  • 6061-T6 extruded aluminum rocker body
  • Designed for use with high performance cams
  • Internal oiling system for long-lasting performance
  • Anodized for superior finish & reduced operating temp
  • CNC machined pushrod cups and Cr40 alloy steel rollers

#0335027 (Chevy 262-400 1955-86, 1.6 x 7/16”)


PRW aluminum rocker arms are used around the world by professional racers, engine builders and hot rod enthusiasts because of their ability to offer outstanding power and performance advantages.  Now available for the 5.0L Ford engines, these rockers feature fully adjustable pedestals.

#0335101 (Ford 302 (5.0L) & 351W 1978-95, 1.6 x 5/16”)


PRW Gold Series Flexplates are engineered and designed to take the punishment of today’s high horsepower engines as well as SFI certified.  Available now for new Ford, Pontiac, Buick and Oldsmobile OEM compatible applications, these flexplates are lighter without sacrificing performance and durability.

 #1830200 (Ford 302 1982-95, 164T, Int-bal) 

#1830203 ( Ford 289-351W, 157T, Int-bal)

#1845500 (Pontiac  326-455 1957-79, 166T, Ext Bal) 

#1845505 (Oldsmobile V8 1957-90, 166T, Ext Bal)

#1845507 ( Buick 403-455 1967-76, 166T, Ext Bal)


Performance Quotient Platinum Series Flexplates are engineered to handle extreme duty applications and designed to take the punishment of today’s high horsepower engines.  The heavyweight design allows for faster launches and higher RPM during the shift.  Ring gears are precision welded to meet SFI specifications.

#1830522 ( Chevy Turbo 350 & Powerglide Pattern, 153T, Int-bal)

#1835021 ( SBC & BBC V8,  2 Piece Rear Seal, 168T, Int-bal)

#1845420 (Chevy 454, 2 Piece Rear Seal, 168T, Ext-bal)

SFI-Rated FluidGel Dampers

Now available for the Ford 4.6L and GM LS Series engines, PRW SFI-Rated FluidGel Dampers are made with an internal steel inertia ring that is surrounded by a high viscosity silicone gel.  The inertia ring floats in the silicone gel to combat the engine harmonics at all RPM ranges.

96-01 Ford 4.6L (Mach 1) UnderDrive: #2528101 (Black)  #2528118 (Polished)

98-02 GM 5.7L LS1, UnderDrive Serp. Belt: #2534601 (Black)  #2534618 (Polished)


Now available for the Mopar 5.7L and 6.1L Modular Hemi and Pontiac 326-421, these are the perfect fit for the weekend warrior or the all out racer.  Tested at 12,500 RPM, dampers include laser-etched timing marks including 90°, 180° & 270°

05-08 Mopar Hemi (Internal Balance):

#2434500 (5.7L, 6.80” OD,  Black)        #2434518 (5.7L, 6.80” OD, Polished)  #2437000 (6.1L, 7.40” OD,, Black)         #2437018 (6.1L, 7.40” OD, Polished)

59-67 Pontiac 326-421:

#2442101 (5.50” OD,  Blk/Blk Pulley)   #2442102 (5.50” OD,  Blk/Silv Pulley)   #2442103 (5.50” OD,  Blk/Pol’d Pulley)

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