Vibrant fabrication components

vibrantVibrant Performance established itself as a premier supplier of performance exhaust and air intake systems, but today has become the market leader in exhaust and induction component fabrication pieces.

Several years ago, Vibrant identified a glaring void in the performance aftermarket for a reliable single source for hard-to-find fabrication components.  Since then, they have made it their mandate to fill this void and provide a comprehensive lineup of competitively priced, high quality exhaust and induction components.

Vibrant Induction Components

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Whether you’re a weekend welder or a professional fabricator, chances are good that Vibrant offers the pieces you’re looking for!

The lengthy list of available component pieces includes:

  • Air to air intercoolers
  • Silicone couplers, connectors, elbows and hoses in a variety of configurations
  • Vacuum line fittings
  • T-Bolt, worm gear and strap-style clamps
  • Mass air flow sensor adapters
  • Intake and exhaust tubing in a wide variety of materials, angles and configurations
  • Merge exhaust collectors
  • V-Band flange assemblies
  • Flanges for exhaust headers, collectors, turbochargers, wastegates and more
  • Flexible exhaust couplings
  • Exhaust sensor fittings
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