Edge Evolution CS and CTS Programmers

Edge Products, the company that introduced the first in-cab digital tuning device, has now developed the next generation of products designed to give the truck enthusiast the power, style, and control they’ve been waiting for! Edge Products has introduced the most advanced technology in engine tuning with the all new Evolution Color Screen (CS) and Evolution Color Touch Screen (CTS) programmers.

These two programmers deliver all of the great features that customers have come to expect plus a whole host of new features that Edge engineers have created. The CS and CTS can not only re-program your vehicle for more power and performance but they also double as a full color display that provides you with all of the vital information you need about your new level of performance. Not only that but the CS and CTS also act as a scan tool, reading and clearing trouble codes by connecting directly to your vehicle’s computer through the OBDII diagnostic port. They can read and display up to 8 engine parameters at a time and the display can be easily changed and configured so that you can see only the data that you feel is most important to you.

The CS has a full color, 2.4 inch screen that is button controlled while the CTS features a 4.3 inch full color touch screen that also includes a video-in port. This enables you to use Edge’s state-of-the-art back-up camera, or any other compatible brand of camera or DVD player. Both models will automatically adjust the brightness of the screen for day or night driving and include user-defined audible alerts.

Finally, you can use the CS or the CTS as a performance testing device as they will display 0-60 times as well as quarter mile times.

• Set multiple power levels for towing, mileage, and performance
• Full color screen with light sensitivity meter to control brightness
• Available for all popular gas or diesel applications
• Fully internet updatable via included cable
• Display and clears diagnostic codes
• Displays up to 8 engine parameters at time
• Displays user-definable alerts and records RPM, MPH, and EGT
• Displays 0-60 times and ¼ mile times
• Compatible with all Edge dash pods and pillar mounts
• Includes suction cup mount

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