Stainless Steel Brake Accessories

Stainless Steel Brake Corporation offers the Prop-Block, an adjustable proportioning valve and distribution block all-in-one. It simplifies your brake plumbing! An adjustable proportioning valve regulates rear brake pressure, helping to maintain correct brake bias between front and rear brakes. The easy to turn handle with directional arrows makes it simple to either increase or decrease rear brake pressure.

Designed for dual bowl master cylinders, the distribution block connects to the master cylinder and distributes brake fluid to all four wheels.  It includes 2 inlets from the master cylinder, 2 outlets to the front brakes and 1 outlet to the rear brakes.  Included with the Prop-Block are 5 stainless steel 3/16 in. fittings, as well as a wiring pigtail for rear brake light switch.  It features a black anodized finish and is designed to accept 3/16” brake lines.

Also available from Stainless Steel Brake Corporation are residual valves.  These are a great addition to any disc brake system where the master cylinder is lower than the calipers!  A 2 lb residual valve is available for disc brake applications, while a 10 lb valve is available to handle drum brake applications.

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