Proform Ford Dressup Accessories

Proform is proud to offer a full line of engine dress-up accessories for Ford engines, fully licensed with the famous Ford “oval” logo.  This product line includes valve covers, air cleaners, wire looms, breather caps, air cleaner hold-down nuts and much more!

The air cleaner is one of the most visible parts on a car’s engine, so now is the time to add a premium Ford RACING, MUSTANG or COBRA emblem to your ride for the perfect customized look!  These 13” diameter air cleaners fit 2-bbl and 4-bbl Ford and Holley carburetors, and are supplied with a 2-5/8” high Motorcraft filter element.  The tops and bases have matching finishes, and each kit is supplied with necessary mounting hardware.

Proform die-cast aluminum valve covers are designed to complement the air cleaners, with matching Ford RACING, MUSTANG or COBRA emblems.  These premium valve covers are the “tall” design, engineered to clear most roller rockers and polylock rocker adjusting nuts.  They have recessed emblems with inlaid paint.  All valve covers include baffles and grommets, and are sold in pairs.

Ford Oval and nameplates are registered trademarks owned and licensed by Ford Motor Company manufactured by Special Atuo Parts U.S.A., Inc., Roseville, MI.  All rights reserved.

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