Holley “Blue” Electric Fuel Pump

The Holley “Blue Logo” fuel pump P/N 12-802-1 now features an improved design for street or strip use. A proven winner over the years thanks to its lightweight design (2.88 lbs) and ability to tolerate contaminated fuel, this Holley pump is powered by a long-life, heavy-duty, sealed-dry motor. It will flow 88 GPH at 9 psi and has a maximum pressure of 14 psi so a fuel pressure regulator is included. Holley has redesigned the flow passages to improve durability, reduce amp draw, and eliminate pulsation which provides a constant fuel flow. There is an externally accessible pressure relief valve. A washable inlet filter screen cleans the fuel as it travels between the 3/8″ inlet and outlet ports in the aluminum housing.  Repair kits are readily available.

Summary of Features:

  • Tumble polished billet look
  • New lower housing casting for enhanced fuel flow
  • Motor draws only 3 amps current
  • 7 1/2 amp fuse recommended
  • Improved design for street/strip applications
  • Distinctive “BLUE” logo
  • Flows 110 GPH (free flow)
  • Flows 88 GPH at 9 PSI
  • Maximum pressure is 14 PSI
  • Includes P/N 12-803 fuel pressure regulator
  • Provides constant fuel flow with no pulsation
  • Has externally accessible pressure relief valve (max 14 PSI)
  • Rotor/Vane pump design is more tolerant of contaminated fuels
  • Weighs only 3 lbs
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • Repair kits are readily available
  • Can be serviced from the pump end
  • NOT compatible with alcohol or methanol fuels
  • Use of safety shut-off switch, P/N 12-810, strongly recommended
  • Not designed or recommended for use with fuel injection systems
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