Professional Products Powerfire Ignition

The new Powerfire Ignition System from Professional Products represents the latest state-of-the-art technology in ignitions. Look at this list of terrific features coupled with a price that can’t be matched for any other top of the line ready-to-run ignition system:

• Easy 3-wire install with no external spark box necessary.
• Precision CNC machining and hand assembled construction.
• Patent pending positive lock manual advance/retard knob. Distributor can be accurately advanced or retarded in 1/2-degree increments on the fly by turning the external adjustment knob. Each click of the knob provides a 1/2-degree change to total ignition timing. This makes getting an accurate setting extremely easy.
• Accurate super hot spark all the way through 10,000 RPM.
• Hardened steel .500” diameter steel shaft with sealed roller bearing upper support and bronze bushed lower support for extreme stability at maximum rpm.
• Powerful magnetic pickup and CNC machined reluctor pickup.
• Fully adjustable advance mechanism with easy to use spring and bushing design for a nearly infinite advance curve.
• POWERFIRE module built in for drop-in reliability from 50 to 10,000 RPM.
• Hot cranking spark as low as 50 RPM.
• Black anodized base with laser etched timing marks for easy visibility.
• High quality injection molded caps with brass terminals for long life and conductivity.

The Powerfire ignition system is available for Chev V8, SB Ford and 351W Ford.

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