PRW Stainless Roller Rocker Arms

PRW PQ-series stainless steel rocker arms are an exceptionally lightweight design that provides plenty of clearance for large diameter springs. They are manufactured from premium quality 15-5 PH stainless steel, a high nickel and chromium alloy that provides high yield strength to help resist deflection and has excellent fatigue resistance. The stud mount models feature full-cage friction reducing needle bearings. The nose rollers and shafts are Cr40 steel, heat-treated and hardened to resist the stress and wear of racing and to minimize “scrubbing”. Each rocker body is hand -polished, assembled and carefully inspected to ensure that you get the finest quality rocker arms available.

PRW S/S rckr arms• Designed for higher open valve spring pressures
• Specially cast and machined for larger valve springs and retainers
• Oversize trunions and full roller precision needle and cage bearings
• CNC machined pushrod cups and heat-treated Cr40 roller tips
• Also available for self-aligning applications and in split-sets
• Wide assortment of ratios to suit almost any cam profile
• Internal oiling system for long lasting performance
• PRW RockerLocs® included

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