Comp Cams Thumpr Cams Deliver Awesome Power and Sound!

Let’s face it, nothing grabs our attention at a car show or cruise night more than the hard hitting sound a thumping, high performance idle. Thumpr™ Camshafts deliver that aggressive, head-turning sound like no other cam on the market. Available in hydraulic flat tappet and hydraulic roller camshafts, Thumpr™ Cams are now available for most popular applications, carb and late model efi.

  • Available in hydraulic flat tappet, hydraulic roller and retro-fit hydraulic roller designs to fit most popular applications, including both carbureted and late model electronic fuel injection engines
  • Variety of kits available to fit any budget and application, including the exclusive “GK” gear drive kit
  • Three unique camshaft designs for each engine to fit all cruising and street performance needs
  • Designed to provide maximum performance when combined with the latest in valve train components, such as Beehive™ Valve Springs, Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rockers and Magnum™ Pushrods
  • Long exhaust duration and other grind characteristics produce a powerful, hard-hitting exhaust note

The reason that the new Thumpr™ Camshafts have such an aggressive exhaust note is that the lobe profiles and grind characteristics chosen by the COMP Cams® engineers produce a combination of early exhaust valve opening, long exhaust duration and a generous amount of intake and exhaust overlap to maximize the rough-idling characteristics of the cams without negatively impacting the power output or streetability.

Thumpr™ Camshafts are available in three different grind profiles (Thumpr™, Mutha’ Thumpr™, and Big Mutha’ Thumpr™) for each engine, all of which will produce a rough, racy exhaust note and impressive amounts of horsepower and torque. Their cutting-edge design means that they will deliver a substantial power increase over “tamer” camshaft grinds without sacrificing reliability or driveability!

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