BBK Mass Air Meters for Mustangs

The engineers at BBK have released an all new line up of high-flow Mass Air Meters for owners of the popular 1986-2002 Mustang V8 models or those enthusiasts who are retrofitting an EFI motor into an early muscle car or street rod.

Starting with an all new 356 aluminum casting, each unit is powder coated then fully CNC machined to exact specifications before being fitted with one of BBK’s new electronically calibrated mass air sensor modules to ensure an accurate air/fuel ratio for the best possible performance potential. Dyno testing has shown up to 15 RWHP gains while maintaining an accurate air/fuel ratio, unlike some competitor’s units that are not electronically calibrated that may fail to maintain the all important air/fuel ratio.

Calibrations are available for Standard – FAB (Factory Air Box) or CAK (Cold Air Kit with Fender well mounted air filter- Elbow), as well as a number of different injector sizes.

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